Leonard Reina

Sculptor of Sound

Leonard Reina is an American pianist, keyboardist, composer, and music producer based in New York City.


Unrestrained passion, singular flair, virtuosic dynamism—

all phrases that spring to mind when Leonard Reina engages the piano.  "From the moment my hands motion toward the keys, I journey to a place beyond this one," muses the unbridled performer.  "If I convey just a measure of that to the audience and move them, then our meeting was not in vain."

The multi-faceted pianist, composer, and producer has drawn energy and inspiration from a myriad of sources, all discernible from his athletic interpretations marked by a universal approach.  Whether breathing new life into the works of the classical greats or giving his musical dexterity free rein within the sphere of jazz improvisation, this daring instrumentalist welcomes the challenges born out of turning preconceived notions on their head as well as the rewards to be had when taking on worthy risks.  

A graduate of the University of Miami—attaining Summa cum laude while elected to Phi Beta Kappa—Reina has been active internationally as a pianist-composer for over a decade. He garners venue experience at an impressive rate with previous ventures ranging from intimate gatherings to high-capacity performing arts centers in the Americas and Western Europe.


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